Video Analytics

Insights for an Event Video Platform

In 2022, Cvent – a platform for events like trade shows and conferences – launched an online video platform. Post 2020, most events moved to being online, or hybrid online and in-person events.

I was lead designer for the video analytics product, developing the design from concept to product launch.

My Role
Lead Designer

Users and user needs

All the management of the Cvent video platform is behind a login, and used primarily by event planners and coordinators.

So the insights have primary and secondary audience. For the planners, it’s important to understand in real time how a video is performing, and then that information is communicated back to clients and producers of pre-recorded video.

For personas, Cvent has a library of existing ones that it uses for all its products.

Defining the problem

Determining the data points

After doing user interviews and competitive research, we determined a suite of insights for the launch version, and ones to add in post-launch iterations.

Where to find them

Cvent’s app is very complex, and has many product areas, relating to nearly every aspect of event planning.

Determining an in intuitive place for video insights was necessary. We chose to place them at the individual video level, and the overall library level.

Wireframing it out

We went through multiple iterations of wireframing the dashboard and widgets.

Widgets, states, behaviors


For prototype testing, we used a desktop size, the primary experience for planners who use the app.

User testing and insights

We did moderated tests with several groups of users, ranging from new Cvents users to super-users.

Feedback was very positive, and gave us some insights for minor iteration.

Final UI and launch

After testing, we did some very minor alterations to the visual design, and the product launched in November 2022!