Cvent - Video Library

Video Storage Management

In 2022, Cvent launched a video platform for online conferences. I was the lead designer on the storage/library component.

Video types

Cvent’s videos are primarily focused on conference sessions – generally an hour in length – which can be be recorded live or pre-produced.

A tier-based model

Cvent’s model for video library is tier-based, so it’s possible to use up all the video storage.

For this reason, it functions a bit different from social video platforms, where videos are essentially permanent when uploading.

With Cvent, videos can be saved and published to media centers, but for the most part are deleted after a conference ends.

User motivations

The video library is broken up into two areas – a library, with shared, publicly-accessible videos, and ones that are single-use.

The primary motivation here is to manage housekeeping to keep the account usage under-limit.


This is the prototype we used for user testing, to walk through tasks like adding and deleting videos, and presenting the overall concept.