Visual Identity for a Competition Show

Sadeem is a competition show where contestants vie to become next superstar social media influencer in the Middle East/North Africa region.

Produced in Beirut, it transpires over a 12 week season, following an elimination format similar to TV competition shows like The Voice and America’s Got Talent, but takes place in real-time with regular live streams, and lives entirely in digital/social realm.

As an incubation project, Al Jazeera’s design team in San Francisco was involved in developing  the digital presence, audience interaction, the visual brand and creative presence, and collaboration in developing game aspects of the show.

My Role
Creative Direction, Design

Show Branding

Sadeem’s branding featured prominently in the production.

Brand Development

The most challenging aspect of the creative development was the brand mark itself.

The brand name, Sadeem, translates literally to Nebula, amorphic by definition. The client wanted to use an abstract illustrative mark, to allow the potential for future seasons to take place in multiple languages, potentially with a different name, but retain consistent branding.

These are some of the many explorations we tried for the logo.

Social Graphics

The Space

One of the core goals of the show was to center the production around a physical environment that felt like a modern collaborative work space rather than at set, and avoided the overwrought stage aesthetic common in reality TV shows.

For the space, we provided mood boards to the production company, and the environmental design was ultimately done locally.