AJ+ Interactive Special Projects

Experimental Formats, Data, and VR

Trapped Between Two Shores

Trapped Between Two Shores was a series of interviews with refugees of Moira camp in Greece, following the mass migration north across the Mediterranean Sea.

The interviews were shot in 360 video. We built an interactive presentation that featured each of the interviews, with background info on each place of origin, as they had diverse origins and stories that converged at the camp.

We Who Remain

We Who Remain was the first AJ+ exploration of 360ยบ VR video. Created in partnership with the New York Times, and produced by Emblematic and AJ+, it premiered at SXSW 2017.

For its release, we created a public interactive experience that allowed it to be viewed in a browser, mobile device (via Google Cardboard), or high end VR headset.

Tax Day

For Tax Day 2017, we designed an interactive experience for Facebook Live. We built an a page in Javascript, connected to the Facebook API, and ran it as a video for four hours.

Equal Pay Day

For Equal Pay Day, we designed an interactive mobile experience; a calculator that allowed the user to enter demographic data (sex and ethnicity) to calculate how their salary statistically compared to other demographics.

This was one of several MVP-style experiments to test interaction models with the AJ+ audience, with the goal of incorporating the more successful ones into the AJ+ mobile app.